Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hay is for Horses

As I was going through my latest group of downloaded pictures, I realized that I haven't introduced you to Horse Haven's newest arrivals. Even now, I don't have all of the new horses pictures because some came this past week.

So here we go. Meet Sugar the ex-pony ride...pony. At her first Adoption Day (our equivalent of an open house), she gave pony rides to any kids who stopped by:

Meet Dancer, a gorgeous but pushy gelding (on the left), and Poppy, a sweet little 3 year old mare (on the right). That's One-Eyed Jack in the middle; he's not new, but I know he would want to be mentioned anyway:

Meet Ace, a good young guy who was returned to HHT because his owner fell on hard times:

Meet Spirit, not to be punny but she's a spirited little pony, who loves to take off once you let her out in the pasture:

Meet Prancer, an incredibly shy but loving Paso Fino mare. She'll be even more beautiful once she gains some weight:I love horses. I love them so much that I don't really mind taking care of them in the pouring rain, sloshing through inches of mud-poo mixture, and getting hay down my shirt...all with a cold. They truly are gifts from God.

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you & me both cowboy!