Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Time

Thus far I have enjoyed college life. I've only had two exams, and I passed both with flying colors. Work, studying, class, and church have kept me busy, so that abundant "free time" that everyone told me about is basically non-existent. Funny that I should say that though, because here I am blogging and being on Facebook at the same time that I should be writing my geology notes and doing the assigned reading for English class.

Okay, so I do have free time. I choose to make it...budget it in...whatever you would like to call it.
I'm sharing some snippets of what I do with free time. Why you ask? Well, I just want to that's why, and of course I know that I have other things that I should be doing!

The video is of my best friend and me playing with the different voice options on her webcam. It is really ridiculous. You probably won't be able to understand anything that we say because the audio isn't the best, but facial expressions are worth a thousand words. The pictures are self explanatory; I was extremely bored and clicked on the webcam.

(Trying to figure out the online football ticket system.)
(My roommate just made Ramen noodles, and they smelled a little funny.)

And hey, if you think all the above is ridiculous, just think...I could be doing drugs, stealing, NOT holding doors open for others, and NOT helping little old ladies cross the street.

One good thing that I have noticed lately is that I pray more. When I wake up, before bed, before most meals (if I remember), Compline, and random moments in between it all. I feel good and at peace more often because of it. I'm sure God is happy with this addition to my free time activities.


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Glad to hear you are opening doors for people and helping old ladies cross the street. It gives me great hope for the future!

s-p said...

Its too bad more people don't have the balance of life you do.

Ashley Siferd said...

Haha, well I'm glad the future looks bright FC.

It's a pretty good balance some days, although I do enjoy those days when I don't have to do anything and take 3 hour naps. Those are the best!