Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes

So after seeing the "7 Quick Takes" post on two of my favorite blogs, I thought I would start trying to do it as well. Here goes...

1) I have known about the band Old Crow Medicine Show, but I went absolutely crazy when I heard "Wagon Wheel" the other day. I'm pretty sure that they are one of my new favorite bands...ever. The song came on one of my mixed CDs. It's awesome. The video is sort of strange.

2) My Spanish professor said for being a 211 student, my writing skills are rather good. You might not find that particularly interesting, but believe you me I was really happy when she told me that.

3) I learned the score of my first college exam on Monday....a 96! Woot! It was in Geology 101 which is one of my favorite classes thus far.

4) I was able to sleep in Thursday, seeing as that is usually my only day to do so during the week. While I was not late to my 12:40 class, I almost was. It was a hurried dash from the University Center (I forgot my backpack) to my dorm, then a power walk to class. A good thing from that day was that the guy I've been sitting next to for 2 weeks finally had a conversation with me. Oh and I didn't have to go to English.

5) I was finally suckered by my friends to get Skype. I'm glad they bothered me constantly to because I've been able to see and talk to them without having to drive at least 2 hours. I really like Skype!

6) Survivor started Thursday night. It's been one of my long time favorite shows. Reality television, I know, but I can't help it.

7) My friend Katie Ann, her roommate Andi Marie, and I had a henna party Thursday. It was awesome. I love henna tattoos. I'm currently sporting three sweet designs. I now have an henna! (If feet bother you, then don't look below...)

It seems that a lot happened Thursday. Come to think of it, it was a pretty packed day. Anyway, hope you have an awesome weekend!


s-p said...

I like the left foot and Skype. :) Congrats on the standout performances in your classes. Only 3 years and 8 months of them to go.

Ashley Siferd said...

Thanks Steve! Although the downside of henna is that it doesn't last very least ones on your hands. I can't believe you gave me that big countdown. It's hard enough for me to wait out the days until fall break! :)