Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stairs and Cattle Calls

So posts have been few and far between here. I'm still adjusting to life here. Today however, I felt brave enough (and I actually remembered) to take my camera along with me.

As I mentioned in the previous college related post, I do a lot of walking...which I don't really mind unless it's a particularly hot day. There are a lot of stairs that I usually avoid by taking flatter routes to class. Today I forgot to cross the street at the right spot to take the University Center Walkway which meant I had to take these all the way to The Hill:

Basically at the bottom:

This is halfway (notice the walkway to your right):
There are two smaller sets once you get to the top of these:Let me tell you, they were a bear. Although I do enjoy that feel good feeling after coming to the last step. I no longer believe in the "freshman 15" because of all the walking I do. On a campus that is home to somewhere around 26,000 students, you may feel like a number. Luckily I have classes and professors that do not make me feel like just a number. However, I do feel like part of the crowd sometimes...which I don't like and normally am not part of the crowd. Actually, I feel like a cow in a big herd. When we all pile up at the side of the street waiting to cross, it is impossible to not be close to someone. Some mornings I feel like mooing when I cross the street.

My dorm room is almost finished. We just need a few more posters!

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s-p said...

Beautiful campus! I like Arizona State...its FLAT. But it also has over 50,000 students so there's no room to walk. :)