Friday, August 14, 2009

A Prayer for Friends

The majority of my friends are going off to college within the next few days (some within the next few weeks). The rest are still finishing up high school. I am going to miss the ones that I won't see everyday, and enjoy the time that I do have with the ones who will be close by. I came across this prayer and now have read it everyday since. God's peace and love to you all.

Lord, how life is brightened by friends! They warm our lives with their smiles. They keep us believing that life is worthwhile. They carry us on days when our courage fails and comfort us when we are sad. They make our parties more enjoyable, our drudgery more tolerable, our discoveries more exciting and our loneliness more bearable. They are honest with us when we are not honest with ourselves. They let us grow in our own time. They respect our feelings, even when they do not let us get away with snap judgments and foolish projects. In a world where love seems lost, they love us. Thank you for all of them! Amen.

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Katie said...

Ashley Siferd. I love you. A lot. I am going to miss you. Please call me and text me and write me letters! :)