Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wild Fire

Horse Haven's newest arrival is a little chestnut colored foal named Wild Fire. He is now a week old (as of July 20), and he has captured the hearts of every volunteer, especially me!

We brought Fancy Pants (his mom) and Wild Fire out into one of the pastures to give them some exercise. At first, he just stayed with his mom, never leaving her side. I went into the barn to do some chores, and when I came back out, Wild Fire was running around at top speed. His little legs were flying over the grass as he nickered and whinnied. He bounced around and threw his head back with delight. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and making the most of his brief window of outside time. For a second, I found myself wishing I could be him!

It's fascinating to watch a mare and foal interact. When it was time to move both Fancy and Wild Fire, all we did was lead Fancy back into the barn. Wild Fire had no halter on, and he just walked right beside his mom. I was amazed. When I went to take some pictures of him, he tried to eat Flat Thomas and the camera. As Fancy ate grain, Wild Fire stood underneath her neck and played in the water bucket, splashing everything. I decided then that foals are much more fun than human babies. I'm not saying babies are overrated, but it was refreshing to watch a different form of infant explore and be silly. It was also a nice way to appreciate the gift of life. If you have a block of ice for a heart, I am pretty sure that your heart will melt and become full of that fire of joy, happiness, and love...all because of Wild Fire.

Every time I am around Horse Haven's horses (and even my own cats), I am convinced more and more that God works through animals and touches your heart.


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

I never knew Flat Thomas could be confused as food!

Ashley Siferd said...

Oh yes, his true identity has been revealed...food.