Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Quite A Princess...

My good friend recently posed a question to me: As a woman seeking God's face, what does it take to be a young woman who is a princess in Christ?

Well, when I started thinking about my response, I wasn't sure what to say. I've always been a tomboy, sort of outdoorsy, preferred to wear boy's shorts instead of little girl's know, those types of things. Naturally, I shied away from the word princess as soon as I saw the word in my friend's question.

There is nothing wrong with being a princess, I just never felt that I ever was the princess type. I think the closest that I've ever felt like a princess was playing the Pretty Pretty Princess game. To me, a princess is beautiful (inside and out), otherworldly, educated. She has been given (or was born with) some responsibilities and gifts that maybe she didn't want at first, but slowly, she learns to do the best with what she has been given. I feel that my friends and I fit this particular description in some form or fashion. My definition also spans history; it includes princesses past and present. Not all of them fit this definition. That's okay.

So I guess my answer to the question doesn't involve the word princess. I still shy away from the word. I'm sorry that because I do, I can't answer it in the same way as others can, but here's my answer anyway.

To me, seeking God's face means trying to be His friend. A friend of the very best kind. Even though we bring our brokenness and sinfulness to the table, we can still be God's friend. We are born with an innate longing for something bigger than ourselves, for God. So naturally, we yearn for a relationship with Him. Jesus gave and still gives us a chance to experience "the personal touch", to feel God's human presence. It is up to us whether or not we want the the friendship, the relationship, to grow. If we don't communicate, pray, and be an active member, then we just end up walking in circles going nowhere.

While I may not feel that I am a "princess" in Christ, I certainly feel and know that I am a "something" in Christ, if that makes any sense. As a young woman who constantly seeks the love of God, I feel that God is my friend. My protector. My team leader.

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