Saturday, July 4, 2009

Berry Picking

This morning my family and I went blackberry picking. The old archery range that my grandparents have behind their house is loaded with berry bushes. While a lot of the berries are not ripe yet, there were still plenty to pick. It was quite an adventure. Getting pricked by thorns, tripping over remnants of bushes in the newly blazed paths, being whacked in the head by branches (while being a passenger on the four-wheeler), and a poison ivy scare made it all the more special. You see in my family, if someone doesn't get hurt while on an outing, it is out of the ordinary. It was nice to capture the moments on camera, especially three generations of the Stang family having fun outdoors.

Picking blackberries is a great way to appreciate nature. It is also an interesting way to celebrate the fourth of July. While I am not a blackberry fan myself, my sister can say for sure that this is one fruit that God wants us to take and eat. So enjoy your cobblers, hot dogs, and fireworks and have a happy Independence Day!

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