Thursday, June 25, 2009

Learning from College Orientation

Yesterday I finished my two days of orientation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I went to a lot of sessions, and I honestly tried to pay attention during them all. Trying to be the good kid and listening to every single word didn't happen. Boredom set in like some debilitating disease. The last few sessions I learned that when I am extremely bored, I will doodle. And I NEVER doodle.

I met a lot of people, some who seem just like me and others who are very different. It was a nice change. Nice because I've basically been with the same kids the past four years of high school. I learned that college truly is a melting pot. It's a place to experience new things and people, and I am excited for that. I had a great little reflection the morning of my first day, and I would like to share it with you. I think it helps with entering new situations, but also for everyday life.

"In everything, deal with others as you would like them to deal with you." -Matthew 7:12

Saintly words: "Goodwill in the soul is the source of all good things and the mother of all virtues. Those who possess it hold in their hand--without fear of losing it--all that is necessary to lead a good life." -St. Albert the Great

Talking with God: Heavenly Father, grant me the true spirit of goodwill toward all. Let me be ever ready to carry out Your will and to come to the aid of all I encounter on this earthly pilgrimage.

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