Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tink Tink the Mediator

I've recently discovered something extraordinary about my cat. And, yes, I'm going to blog about my cat.

Tinkerbell is affectionately known as: Tink, Stink, Tink Tink, Mama Kitty, Tinker, and/or Meow. For simplicity's sake, I'll just refer to her as Tink. After typing her many names, I wonder if she has ever gone through an identity crisis. In the almost 11 years that she has been a member of my family, I have come to learn her various idiosyncrasies. Here is just a few: she likes to drink out of the toilet, eat tuna straight from the can, sleep on my pillow, fight with the dogs, play fetch (truly!), sneak outside, and unfortunately pee on the carpet.

The one trait (and possibly her best one) that continues to blow my mind is that she senses anger or frustration, and when she does, Tink will come over to remedy the situation. If I start to argue with my sisters or playfully shout with them, I raise my voice. She will wake up from a nap all the way down the hall, run full speed, and jump into my lap and MEOW MEOW MEOW in my face. She also does this to other family members if they are the ones talking too loud for her. It's quite astonishing, and she will make her presence known if you ignore her. She has a rather distinctive and sometimes annoying meow. It's basically like Fran Drescher, if she were a cat.

I believe her objective is to get you to stop shouting/arguing. It works. It's weird, but my cat has a calming effect, and she will linger for a few a furry four-legged police officer keeping the peace. Once she accomplishes her mission, she goes back to sleep.

I love my mediating cat.


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

How funny, Ashley. Cats do have individual personalities, but I have not met a mediator before.

Fr. Christian Mathis said...

Tink the Mediator!

Colleen said...

Pets never cease to amaze! I have never had a cat but I had a dog who always knew I was sick and would stay close to me until I got better.