Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayers Close to the Heart

My one friend rarely ever wears jewelry. A short while ago, I looked up as she walked into class one day and saw a necklace. On her? Never!, I thought. I think I can count the times I've seen her wear a necklace on one hand.

It was a beautiful, little, ornate box that opens and closes, which hung on a silver chain. She said that it was a prayer box. Seeing as it was a gift, she felt obligated to wear it, but that wasn't her primary reason for wearing it. She wears it because it's a way to keep her prayers close to her heart. I thought, what a novel idea. It makes sense really. I had heard of prayer box necklaces before, but no one had ever given me such a wonderful description or reason for wearing one.

She pulled out the tiny little piece of paper where her prayer was written, and I saw my name scribbled in her unique scrawl. It made me feel loved and happy. My best friend was praying for me, and I was literally close to her heart. About a month ago, she gave me a graduation present. It was my very own prayer box necklace. Inside was her prayer for me, and since then, I've added my own.

A prayer box necklace is a simple way to pray. Every time I go to fix the clasp, I touch the necklace and say the prayers inside. They are close to my heart, right where they should be.